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Survival to Adulthood Referral Program

The DUI Offender (or other Alcohol/Drug related offenses) ages 18 through 21 are at a critical time in their lives. The enhanced penalties for their legal issues must address their specific needs as well as address the high risk behavior they are displaying to assist them to avoid future violations. To meet that need OHS offers the STAR program at our San Diego location.

About the Program

The STAR program focuses on individual care, that addresses the whole person and enhances the ability for our Youthful Offender to get their lives back on a more positive track.

The program consists of the following components:       

  • Individual 45 min Assessment conducted by a Certified SUD Counselor. The assessment addresses the following areas:
  • Present living situation
  • Family alcohol/drug use
  • Current family situation
  • Social situation
  • Medical issues
  • Employment
  • Legal
  • Psychiatric history and present situation
  • Complete alcohol/drug history
  • Based upon the outcome of the assessment the SUD Counselor will make recommendations specific to the needs of the individual. Such recommendations could range from self-help meeting attendance, In-Patient Treatment, community service, continued education enrollment, on-line learning courses, etc.
  • The SUD Counselor will make specific referrals to programs that compliment the individual’s resources taking into account such things as private insurance, transportation, level of family support, etc.

What to Expect

The STAR participant will have 60 days to address the recommendations and then return to OHS for a follow up group session with the SUD Counselor and other program participants. The group session will allow the participants to interact with others who have been through the program, address their specific recommendations, their follow through and set an action plan for their future.

The STAR program accepts referrals from court, probation, family members, or an individual.