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Responsible Beverage Service Training (RBS)

RBS Training provides best practices for your staff that serves or sell alcoholic beverages; benefiting the establishment and the public. Let OHS help you Reduce Your Liability.

OHS provides an Alcohol Beverage Control best practice Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training. A new law will soon require everyone who is serving or selling alcohol to attend and successfully complete a Responsible Beverage Server Training. 

The Training

After attending the OHS RBS training your staff will:

  • Understand the Laws and Regulations of the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control
  • Understand the importance of their role in refusing service to minors
  • Understand the positive relationship between responsible service and profitability
  • Understand that responsible alcohol service is an effective business practice
  • Receive a Certificate of RBS Training Completion valid for 2 years

To Schedule the Training

  • RBS Training is 3.5 hours
  • Offered once a month
  • OHS can schedule alternative sessions for groups of 15 or more. If you prefer OHS can travel to your site to provide the training. RBS training is available in Spanish.

To enroll, call (855) 384-8055 or email us at