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Marijuana Impact Program

This educational program brings together the evidenced best practices of didactic material combined with experiential interactive journaling. Utilizing Motivational Interviewing techniques, OHS provides an environment conducive to providing the attendee a platform to evaluate their use of Marijuana and the impact on their life and health. 

About the Program

The program provides the tools to identify triggers that promote high risk behavior and to skills to practice setting change goals to avoid future negative consequences.

The Marijuana Impact Program referrals may come from:

  •  Court ordered stand-alone sentencing option in family courts
  • Court referral for sentencing on misdemeanor marijuana offenses
  • CPS
  • For parents involved in CPS cases where marijuana use is a concern
  • Probation violations
  • Employee assistance program support referral
  • As an adjunct to DUI sentencing requirements
  • Self- Referral

What to Expect

The 2-hour Marijuana Impact session is facilitated by an experienced and California Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor. The didactic material combined with the interactive experiential platform consists of the following components:

  •  Prop 64 and the Laws associated with Marijuana use
  • Marijuana effects on the brain and the body
  • The permanent effects of Marijuana on the adolescent brain
  • Impairment and the inherent risks 
  • The dangers of mixing Marijuana and Driving
  • Three experiential interactive journaling exercises specifically designed to complement the didactic information and provide the insight needed for clarity of their Marijuana use