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Leave of Absence (LOA)

  1. Those who cannot attend scheduled OHS activities (Group, Education or Face to Face) for three weeks or longer will need a Leave of Absence to stay current in the program. But you can request an LOA for a shorter period of time. 
  2. All reasons for Leave of Absence (LOA’s) must comply with Title Nine (9) Section 9876.5. We can only approve a leave of absence for the following reasons: 
    • Military personnel whose orders or responsibilities require an extended absence; 
    • Participants whose work requires travel for an extended period of time; 
    • Participants who are absent due to their own extended illness or medical treatment or that of a family member; 
    • Participants who are incarcerated; 
    • Participants in a residential alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment program;
    • Participants who cannot participate in program services due to an extreme personal hardship or family emergency. The program shall document in the participant’s record the nature of the personal hardship or family emergency; and 
    • Participants who have requested a leave of absence for a vacation. A leave of absence shall be granted for a vacation only if the participant has made up all absences and paid all outstanding fees.
  3. You can request a Leave of Absence by completing the Leave of Absence Request Form and returning it to the OHS you are enrolled in by e-mail, mail, fax, or in person. You must complete the Leave of Absence form. The request must contain the date of the first activity you will miss, your expected return date and the reason for LOA. You must also submit any documentation substantiating the need for the leave of absence. 
  4. LOA’s are supposed to be requested in advance. LOA’s that are not requested in advance will also require an explanation as to why the LOA was not requested prior to the leave.
  1. Please read the entire form before filling it out. 
  2. Fill in the entire form, including your current mailing address. 
  3. The start date for the LOA is the date of the first activity you will miss. The scheduled return date is the date you will contact OHS to return from LOA and be reassigned to your remaining activities. Estimate the return date if you are not sure as LOA’s cannot be processed without an end date. 
  4. Check off the appropriate box for the reason for the LOA. You must include an explanation for personal hardship LOA. 
  5. E-mail, mail, fax or bring in person the completed form with supporting documentation to the OHS Program you are enrolled in. 
  6. Call or email the program the next day to ensure that the LOA request has been received and accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

The return date is noted on the Leave of Absence Request form. We will send a courtesy reminder but you are responsible to contact OHS on or before the end date of your LOA.

You can extend an LOA with additional supporting documentation. You must request to extend before your return date by contacting the office you are enrolled in, LOA line, or send an e-mail to OHS. You must provide documentation with your request. The extension must be for the same reason as the original LOA. 

You will need to provide documentation and request and pay the fee for a new LOA.

You will need to provide documentation, along with a new LOA request and pay the fee for a new LOA. State regulations only allow LOA’s for the following reasons: Military Duty, Work out of Town, Illness of self or family, Incarceration, Treatment, or Personal Hardship. LOAs for vacation will only granted if you are current with make ups and fees.

If your LOA is two (2) weeks or less, you will return to your same schedule. If the LOA is longer than two (2) weeks, you will receive a new schedule upon return.

Yes, you can come into OHS or contact the office you are enrolled in, LOA line, or e-mail OHS. We will return you from LOA and return you to scheduled activities.

If you are behind on this requirement you can get caught up on self-help meetings while you are on a leave of absence.

You should pay the LOA fee and any past due balance immediately. If you are unable to pay, you must contact the OHS Accounting Department to make arrangements. You can continue to make payments while you are on LOA. 

It is your responsibility to keep OHS updated on any changes in your address, phone numbers and email. 

No, neither agency is contacted unless you fail to return by your LOA end date.