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DUI Program Reinstatement Facts

What is a reinstatement?

A reinstatement is re-enrolling and continuing the OHS Driving Under the Influence Program following a dismissal on the same DUI conviction.

Who can reinstate?

Participants are eligible for reinstatement up to twenty four (24) months from the date of dismissal. The only exception is participants who were dismissed due to a subsequent DUI. Who must complete a new DUI program.

Do the activities completed prior to dismissal apply after reinstatement?

Participants who return to the program after dismissal on the same case will receive credit for the activities they completed provided that the reinstatement is scheduled within twenty four (24) months from the date on which the participant was dismissed.

What paperwork is needed for reinstate?

Upon dismissal OHS informs participants by mail of the requirements for re-enrollment. Court referred participants who are dismissed from the program may need a re-referral from the court to reinstate. If you are unsure what paperwork is needed please call us.

What if the participant owed OHS money for services received prior to the dismissal?

Participants must pay the balance owed OHS to reinstate. OHS will set up a pre-reinstatement payment plan with the participant, contact our office for information.

How to set a reinstatement appointment?

Contact our Enrollment Specialists at (855) DUI-8055, or contact the program you were attending directly.